My first experience with an ecig

As a professional, full time writer, i get asked to write on a number of topics, some of which are completely unknown to me. One of those topics are ecigs. I got a commission to write a blog post about this new hip gadget, and to be completely honest, i thought it was a joke – after all, I’ve never heard about anything like that before. But still, being a professional writer means that you have to expand your horizons all the time, and i quickly started to gather information regarding the topic.

Right of the bat, it was clear that electronic cigarettes (or ecigs for short) are definitely something of an internet phenomenon. It’s been in production for several years now, and in it’s essence, it’s more like a tech gadget than a real cigarette. An ecig is a device that aims to provide a healthier, safer alternative to tobacco smoking. In addition, an ecig can also be used as an effective and reliable smoking cessation tool, much like other cigarette substitution products (nicotine gums and patches come to mind first).

Ecig is created to look and feel as much like a regular, tobacco cigarette as possible, and latest versions of this device do in fact mimic the smoking experience as much as possible. However, this wasn’t always the case. Current generation of ecig products is the fifth in line, and if you compare them to early versions, you can definitely see the improvement. When they first appeared on the market, electronic cigarettes were just a bit too large, heavy and complicated to be considered an viable alternative to smoking. However, modern electronic cigarettes are not only safer and healthier than tobacco ones, but also offer numerous options and perks to smokers that their traditional counterparts simply cant.

For instance: did you know that ‘vaping’ (since the ecig doesn’t produce smoke, but rather harmless vapor, the term for using ecigs is vaping rather than smoking) is actually cheaper than smoking? This might come as a bit of a surprise, given the initial price of a ecig starters kit, but if most users find that the initial investment is more than justifiable if you take the savings you can achieve down the road into account. Another major advantage of electronic cigarettes over traditional ones is the fact that they don’t make your breath, hair, skin and clothes smell like an ashtray.

For some users, the main advantage of electronic cigarettes (ecig) over tobacco is the fact that you can vape in many of the places were smoking is prohibited. Every smoker knows that smoking is getting banned from more and more places every day, including restaurants, cafés, offices and lately even the public streets. However, since vaping an ecig doesn’t produce any smoke, flame or ashes, and doesn’t endanger the other people who share the space, it’s legal to use an ecig in most situations. Even most airplane companies allow passengers to use ecigs while in flight.

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